Do You Have What It Takes to be a Sportsman?

Does the thrill of a good challenge excite you like it does us?

We'd love to have you join us, but first, briefly read the section below to find out about what we enjoy.

10 Reasons to Become A Nashville Sportsman

  1. Being outside in nature has been proven to lead to significant improvements in health.

  2. Sportsmen know how to travel on land, forest, lakes, and rivers.

  3. Ethics guide our decisions. If something isn't right for others, including animals, it isn't right.

  4. We respect weaponry. Understanding the potential dangers of arms, we learn safety is at the base of everything we do while we are participating in sportsman activities, from first exposure to proper storage. Every time.

  5. We respect nature: we learn to use what is present for our advantage. 

  6. We interact with nature: there is something fun about making an animal call and have them respond or interacting with other animals near you in a peaceful way that keeps us coming back.

  7. Clean meat eating. We are not worried about pesticides, growth hormone, and other dangerous additives in our harvested meat.

  8. We pay attention to detail. Small steps taken now might mean success or failure hours or days later.

  9. Hunting and fishing are among the oldest of sports on Earth, having fed millions of people yearly for thousands of years.

  10. Teaching our children and grandchildren our outdoorsman skills is one of the greatest gifts we can give our younger loved ones, who often know very little about how to survive outdoors.

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