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Nashville Sportsman's Club

Fellowship through hunting, fishing, & conservation

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Upcoming Sportsman Events

  • Spring Turkey Season
    Spring Turkey Season
    Sat, Apr 13
    Sportsman Property
    Apr 13, 2024, 6:30 AM – May 26, 2024, 6:30 PM
    Sportsman Property, Charlotte, TN 37036, USA
    Apr 13, 2024, 6:30 AM – May 26, 2024, 6:30 PM
    Sportsman Property, Charlotte, TN 37036, USA
    Shotgun/Archery only

About Us

Our Nashville Sportman's Club members, combined, have hundreds of years of hunting, fishing, and outdoors experience that we want to share with you! We are one of the oldest sportman's clubs in TN.

As a club, we meet the 3rd Thursday of each month from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm for dinner, fellowship, and planning. Our meeting locations vary throughout the year - message us for more info!

While many of our events are visitor-friendly, most of our hunting is for club members. We'd love to have you come to our next meeting and find out more about being in the club!

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History of The Nashville Sportsman's Club

In 1943, a group of eight sportsman who often hunted and fished together conceived the idea that they would like to establish a club for the purpose of coming together for fellowship and fun in the field and on the streams. In 1945, the Nashville Sportsman’s Club was born. The charter for incorporation was signed by the members on February 24, 1945 at the home of Sportsman J.L.B. Forrester, Jr. The charter itself was notarized March 29, 1945. The charter was finally registered on the 5th day of April, 1945. 

There were twenty charter members that were mostly professionals who worked hard during the week and came together on the weekends to recreate through hunting and fishing activities. As the years passed, the Sportsman’s Club grew under the leadership of its first president, Dr. E.F. Alleyne. Seventy-three years later, the club has grown and is considered one of the most active sportsman’s clubs in the area. The Nashville Sportsman’s Club and some of his members have been recognized on numerous occasions for outstanding contributions in the area of conservation and other field and stream activities.

The Nashville Sportsman’s Club, Inc. is recognized in 48 states and 3 countries. The club was instrumental in the early 1950s in integrating the waters in the Hendersonville, TN area, now known as Old Hickory Lake. The club is presently and has been for years registered with the Tennessee Wildlife Federation (formally the Tennessee Conservation League). We are one of the largest and oldest sportsmen’s clubs in the state.

The purpose of the club was and is to promote a greater appreciation for outdoor sports, develop knowledge of and respect for hunting and fishing regulations, and courage conservation, foster sportsmanship, share the benefits and pleasures of these activities, and to ensure the continuation of such pursuits.

It is important to note that 70 or so years ago, black people had a difficult time locating farmland that was stocked with game where they could hunt or fish. As a result of the club forming, the members were able to effectively and efficiently improve their hunting and fishing. They were able to do this by purchasing land which they were subsequently forced to sell due to the building of Old Hickory Lake. 

The members would communicate with the farmers and other members on conservation, proper care of the lands and streams, gun safety, game limitations, and overall dos and don’ts. As the years passed, the Nashville Sportsman’s Club has become more and more respected as an outstanding organization in the area of Nashville, TN.

The activities of the club were numerous during the early years. The club sponsored activities such as rabbit hunts, local and deep-sea fishing trips, big game hunts, bird dog and beagle dog field trials, coon hunts, skeet shoots, dove hunts, an annual fish fry, and the annual wild game dinner. The Club has also been involved with youth activities by providing sponsorship for young sportsmen and sportswomen to attend conservation summer camps, assisting with numerous youth fishing outings as well as other youth related activities. 

The Nashville Sportsman’s Club has, throughout the years, including the families of its members in numerous activities. They extended bond between the members and families can we witnessed at two of our biggest events: the annual fish fry and wild game dinner.

Our spouses know of our events and occasionally participate; we also invite our widows to participate with us. We feel this is the least we can do to keep them connected to the club even after their husbands have passed.

To the members that have passed, we applaud you. To those members that are still here, we challenge you to always be ever mindful of our responsibility to protect and serve the fields and streams as true sportsmen.

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Nashville Gun Club

(615) 742-5297

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Wildlife Conservation Resources


Pictures of Past Events


Purpose, Creed, & Preamble

What We Stand For


The purpose of this corporation shall be to foster a greater knowledge of, and appreciation for, hunting and fishing laws; to encourage individual and collective conservation practices; to promote a more cooperative spirit among sportsmen within the organization; to extend the benefits and pleasures of outdoor sports to persons and now participating in them; to enlarge our present enjoyment of such pursuits, and to insure the continuation of the same.

Spring Forest


I pledge myself, while in the field or on the stream, to observe and support the laws of my state, and to foster the spirit of my club.

I further assign myself to the game conservation program of the state.

True sportsmanship, good fellowship, and fair play shall ever guide my recreational activities.

Misty Slopes


We, the members of the Nashville Sportsman’s Club, in order to promote a greater appreciation for outdoor sports, develop a knowledge of and respect for hunting and fishing regulations, encourage conservation, foster sportsmanship, share the benefits and pleasures of these activities, and ensure continuation of such pursuits.

Olive Grove

Former and Current Officers


Founding Members

Dr. E.F. Alleyne
Dr. W.S. Davis
Dr. J.L.B. Forrester
Dr. S.H. Freeman
Mr. James C. Jackson
Dr. F. McClenton
Mr. McKinsey Moore
Dr. W.E. Pannell
Dr. Eugene Price
Rev. Ralph W. Riley
Mr. A.C. Rucks Sr. 
Dr. L.B. Scott
Mr. Sammie Spicer
Dr. C.A. Treherne
Dr. H.H. Walker
Dr. Matthew Walker
Mr. C.H. Webster
Mr. Randolph Wilson
Mr. John Work
Dr. O.D. Chambers

2024 Officers and Board Members


President - Wryan Bailey

Vice President - Anthony Woods

Corresponding Secretary - Robert Collins

Recording Secretary - Hugh Jackson

Treasurer - Donald Wynn

Historian - Donald Wynn/Ron Upton

Board of Directors

Ex-Officio - George Hull

Drake Dudley

Ani Isen

Larry Phillips

Grilled Fish

Contact Us

Call or Text: 615-606-2850

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